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Winemaker Mark Mazzoni

Mark Mazzoni, Founder/Co-Owner, Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

Mark Mazzoni's winemaking journey has been a predestined path that all started in the vineyards working alongside his father Mike Mazzoni and his grandfather Jim Mazzoni. As the fourth-generation winegrower and co-owner of Zialena Winery, Mark's deep-rooted connection to the land and his family's winemaking legacy have made him an expert in his field.

His journey began in 2002 at Kenwood Winery, where he worked alongside Mike Lee, igniting his passion for crafting exceptional wines. A pivotal trip to South America in 2004 immersed him in winemaking traditions, broadening his perspective. Upon his return, Mark honed his skills at St. Francis Winery, catching the eye of industry influencers like Philippe Melka at Vineyard 29 in 2005.

Mark's collaboration with Melka marked a turning point, leading to his role as winemaker at Flanagan Winery in Bennett Valley from 2006 to 2013. With a decade of experience, Mark envisioned creating wines under a family label. In 2012, he co-founded Zialena Winery with his sister, Lisa Mazzoni, focusing on artisanal Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel.Mark's decision to commit to concrete fermentation showcased his dedication to innovation. This method, used sparingly in the New World but extensively in parts of the Old World, intrigued him with its potential to enhance wine quality. The launch of Zialena Winery and the buildout of ten permanent concrete fermentation tanks at the heart of the winery, was a realization of Mark's lifelong dream, rooted in perfecting his family's legacy vineyards.

Simultaneously, Mark was a Vineyard Manager at Bacchus Vineyards and Vino Farms from 2014 to 2018, overseeing renowned properties for producers like Rodney Strong, Littorai, and winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown. He now leans on that experience, and his dad’s handshake deals, to cultivate the 100 acres of Mazzoni Estate Vineyards; selling fruit to established winery partners like Jordan, Jackson Family Wines, and of course, Zialena.

Beyond winemaking, Mark's devotion to uplifting the local wine community and his hometown of Geyserville is paramount to his success. His dedication to sustainable farming practices and his reverence for tradition are reflected in every bottle of wine that bears the Zialena label. He resides in the Town of Windsor with his wife Maura and sons Axl, 8, and Dane, 6, instilling in his kids the same values of hard work and connection to the land that define his winemaking legacy.